Batho Pele Principles

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Priniciples that Underpin our Customer Service

Service Beneficiaries are consulted about the level and quality of services they receive and wherever possible be given a choice.

The Office of the Premier is committed to regular consultation with all customers, internal and external, through our stakeholder forums, meetings and campaigns.

Service Standars:
Service Beneficiaries are told what level and quality of service they will receive, so that they know what to expect.

The Office of the Premier is committed to setting, monitoring and maintaining high standards to improve service delivery

All Service Beneficiaries have equal access to the services to which they are entitled.

Through public meets, outreach and appropriate improvement of our office infrastructure, the Office of the Premier will at all times ensure access to services offered  

All Service Beneficiaries are treated with courtesy and consideration

Staff in the Office of the Premier will at all times wear nametags, be polite, helpful and treat all service beneficiaries with dignity and respect

Service Beneficiaries are given full, accurate information about the services they receive

We will use publications, public and media platforms to provide you with most accurate information about the services you are entitled to receive

Openess and Transparency:
Service Beneficiaries are told how the Office of the Premier’s services is run, about its budget, and who is in charge.

You have the right to know how the Office of the Premier is run, how the money is spent and the department’s achievements and areas for development. All this information will be published in our annual report

If a promised standard of service is not delivered, Service Beneficiaries are offered an apology, an explanation and a speedy remedy. When complaints are made, Service Beneficiaries receive a sympathetic and positive response.

The office of the Premier will provide a leaflet for complains/complements as a means for feedback on the quality of our service.  We will strive to resolve your complaints effectively

Value for Money:
Services are provided economically and efficiently.

By ensuring proper budget management and supply chain management process, the Office of the Premier will ensure that we provide the best possible service in the shortest time ensuring efficient use of resources.

Your feedback: compliments and complaints

We value and appreciate your feedback on the quality, timelines and responsiveness of our services

We need to know if:

  • You have received outstanding service
  • You feel we are not meeting our service commitments to you
  • You have ideas on how we can improve our service to you.

In order to ensure that your needs and expectations are met, you may fill in a feedback form which we have made available at our offices and leave it in the suggestion box, we encourage you to provide us with your comments and suggestions.  We treat all feedback carefully, deal with it promptly and use it to continually improve our service standards. 

You can give us your feedback in various ways
In writing, Telephonically, On-line, and in person

When you contact us by phone

  • Answer promptly, within 5 rings.
  • Identify ourselves and our unit.
  • Be courteous and polite.
  • Listen carefully to what you want to tell us.
  • Customers will not be subjected to unnecessary telephone referrals, there shall be a maximum of three (3) referrals, and thereafter the person will take down your details and get back to you.

When you write to us:
Your complaint will be resolved within 30 working days as follows:

  • We will acknowledge your query within 5 working days
  • We will start investigation within the above 5 days and inform you of progress within 10 days



Dealing with customers queries:

  • All staff addressing your queries shall be competent and knowledgeable.
  • All Office of the Premier staff shall wear name tags to facilitate identification.
  • No letter, submission or query will lie for longer than 5 days on any officials’ table.
  • All due dates will be met.

Your obligation as service beneficiaries:
Service delivery is a two-way process. We expect you to be courteous and respect the dignity of the officials you interact with.



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