Provincial Policy Management

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Name:Mr Thulani Binase
Tel: 053 838 2930
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Development Planning – Provincial Strategic and Spatial Planning:

Responsible for the harmonisation, integration and alignment of all planning between all three spheres of government. It all support all structures to contribute towards the achievement of the development targets as set in the PGDS as well as facilitate spatial planning in an integrated manner to inform the long term planning of the Province towards Vision 2030. It also facilitate the centralisation of government data in Business Intelligence Tool for purpose of planning and triangulation of data to improve service delivery.


To facilitate and coordinate macro and transversal planning, policy and research across government.

  1. Provide Geo-spatial and Spatial Planning Services in support of sustainable development Functions:
    • Develop Provincial Spatial Development Framework and support departments with the implementation thereof.
    • Facilitate and coordinate integrated spatial Planning across provincial and local sector plans and through the application of relevant legislation
    • Develop and maintain a strategic Framework for Provincial Geographical Information System (GIS)
    • Ensure standardization of GIS in the Province.
    • Coordinate the implementation of spatial information standards and procedures
    • Facilitate the analysis and alignment of spatial Information to the strategy
    • Facilitate advocacy and ensure capacity building in the province
    • Facilitate the integration with local authorities and national government on spatial information.
    • Provide operational GIS support
    • Coordination and alignment of various funding mechanisms with a wide range of transformation and integration criteria.
  2. To manage and coordinate the provision of provincial strategy and planning processes and services.
    • Develop provincial planning framework & support departments with the implementation thereof.
    • Coordinate & facilitate the implementation of Strategic Projects (Operation Phakisa, IPPPs etc)
    • Facilitate the development and implementation of medium to long term provincial strategic & sectoral plans.
    • Coordinate activities to ensure coherence between sectoral strategic plans, policies and service delivery programmes across the province.
    • Conduct analysis of provincial plans to ensure the alignment of sectoral plans to provincial, national and local government priorities and programmes
    • Collaborate with national development and other spheres of government on the development of provincial and local plans.
    • Engage different stakeholders on the planning processes and outputs to ensure buy-in into the provincial plan.
  3. To Manage and Coordinate the implementation of the Energy Sector
    • To Coordinate Development & implementation of the Renewable Energy Strategy
    • Develop and maintain the Provincial Renewable energy Website.
    • Manage and Coordinate the implementation of Strategic Energy related Projects (SEZ, IPP, incubator etc.)
    • Manage and Coordinate industry SED, skills development and local procurement practices and patterns.
    • Coordinate the profiling of the Energy value chain and the identification of opportunities in the sector.
    • Engage and maintain stakeholder relations between industry, government and local business.
    • Ensure the empowerment of youth, woman and disabled enterprises.
  4. To manage and coordinate the implementation of provincial research programmes:
    • Develop and maintain protocols and processes for conducting research.
    • Develop research agenda and plan for the province.
    • Coordinate and facilitate research activities on provincial and sector specific programmes that supports evidence based policy decisions.
    • Establish partnerships with all spheres of government, academia, research institutions and communities of practices.
    • Facilitate processes to source funding to conduct research.
    • Maintain repository of research products and ensure the provision of archiving services.
    • Facilitate the dissemination of research results to inform policy development and service delivery improvement interventions.
    • Develop research capacity.


  • The rendering of policy co-ordinating and development functions.
  • The rendering of Socio-Economic Development Planning Services to the Northern Cape Province.


Northern Cape Office of the Premier
Physical address of Head Office
T&I Building
69 Memorial Road
Monuments Heights
Private Bag x5016

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