Our Service Standards

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As public servants we commit to the following

  • We will provide high quality professional service that is responsive to our customers and our stakeholder’s needs
  • Monitor the quality and effectiveness of our services
  • Serve citizens promptly and courteously at all service delivery points
  • Provide friendly and helpful service
  • Public servants must wear name tags for easy identification
  • Respond to queries and complaints promptly
  • Respond to mail and email correspondence promptly
  • Encourage service users to make suggestions on how to better the services offered

In order that it may realise its vision and mission the Office of the Premier has adopted the following values and guiding principles:


Leadership – We will provide leadership in all aspects of Provincial Government operations and promote evidence – based decision making.

Transparency and Accountability – We will be transparent in all our service delivery process and foster a culture of fairness, honesty and integrity.

Operational Excellence – We are committed to rooting out irregular and corrupt activities and promote continuous learning, professionalism and efficient operation.

Responsiveness and Effectiveness – We will be responsive to the needs of our people and deliver high quality value added services.

Equity and Accessibility –We will improve access to services and treat our people equitably, especially mainstreaming vulnerable groups

Monitoring our Performance Against Service Standards

  • All units shall monitor, evaluate, review and report on the quality of their services against the service standards.
  • All branches will report against service standards to the DG on a monthly basis
  • A complete report will be published for public consumption on the Office of the Premier’s annual report which goes on in April/May after each financial year
  • We will put the following in place to measure and monitor our performance against standards
    • The client service e-mail address
    • Service points (internal departmental and outreach programmes)
    • Website
    • Complaints, suggestion and compliments boxes

If you are dissatisfied with manner in which your complaint was handled contact or call Ms. Tshadi @ 053 838 2479 or email her on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Northern Cape Office of the Premier
Physical address of Head Office
T&I Building
69 Memorial Road
Monuments Heights
Private Bag x5016

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053 030 0600

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