Deputy Director General - Institutional Development

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Deputy Director General
Ms. Gugulethu Matlaopane
Tel:053 838 2600
Fax:053 838 2600
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Deputy Director-General - Institutional Development

Gugulethu Edna Matlaopane

1985             Qualified in General Nursing Diploma, Midwifery
1992             Qualified in Bachelor of Law, Wits University
1993             Appointed by the ANC to serve in the non-statutory body tasked with the dissolution of former provinces of RSA
1993-1995    Appointed to Head Legal Wing of Electoral Commission
1995-1997    Appointed Chief Executive Manager Department Constitutional Affairs, Local Government & Housing
1997-2003    Appointed Provincial Electoral Officer, Independent Electoral Commission, Northern Cape
2004-2008    Appointed Provincial Electoral Officer, Independent Electoral Commission Gauteng,
2008-2011    Delegated to Head Legal desk of SADC working in Burundi and the Republic of Congo DRC
2012-2016    Appointed Head of Department, Northern Cape Department of Health
2016-            Appointed Depurty Director General: Institutional Development, Office of the Premier

Lead delegation to assist and observe elections in the following countries:
i.    Burundi
ii.    Mozambique
iii.    Cameroon
iv.    Congo DRC
v.    Malawi


  •  Invited by the late Prof. van Zyl Slabbert o deliver paper post 1994 Elections in South Africa. Paper titled “Beginning of the End”.  Delivered at Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg, RSA
  • Delivered paper “Types and Philosophy of Elections in Africa:”
  • Delivered paper “Lessons Africa can share with the West” delivered in Houston – Harris County, Texas


  • Black Lawyers Association – Johannesburg, RSA
  •  Women in Leadership  – Johannesburg, RSA
  •  Role of Public Servant Post-Apartheid Era – Johannesburg, RSA
  • Elections in the African Continent – Arusha, Tanzania
  • Effect of HIV and AIDS Globally – Kuala Lampur, Malaysia    


Northern Cape Office of the Premier
Physical address of Head Office
T&I Building
69 Memorial Road
Monuments Heights
Private Bag x5016

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