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The Office of the Premier Northern Cape is very pleased to announce a very significant milestone in its history. For the first time the Department has received a Clean Audit outcome in that it received an Unqualified report with no matters for emphasis. This is a vast improvement from the 2008/2009 financial year in that we had an Unqualified report with three matter for emphasis being raised.

The Premier, Ms Hazel Jenkins, is very pleased at the outcome and expresses her gratitude to the Accounting Officer and the entire staff for their commitment and congratulates them on a job well done in ensuring the outcome. She also thanks the Office of the Auditor general for the partnership role, professionalism and leadership of the audit team and their willingness to assist with the audit process.

As the Office of the Premier we need to implement and provide leadership in achieving the national 2014 vision of achieving cclean audits. We will continue to partner with other stakeholders such as the Auditor General to continuously improve on other compliance matters such as performance information as well as deliver on our governance role of providing assistance to other institutions to achieve the same.

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