Vision & Mission


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A Modern, Growing and Succesful Province.


Improving government’s performance through coordination, strategic leadership, and
integrated planning and monitoring and evaluation.


Underpinned by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and the Batho Pele
Principles; in order to realise its vision and mission, the Office of the Premier has adopted the following values:

  • Transparency - We will be transparent in all our service delivery process and foster a
    culture of fairness and, honesty.
  • Inclusivity - We shall embrace the diversity of our citizenry within the principle of Ubuntu.
  • Integrity - We shall conduct our business with integrity.
  • Equity - We will improve access to services and treat our people equitably, with a specific bias towards vulnerable groups.
  • Professionalism - We will be responsible, ethical, and team oriented, and possess strong communication, interpersonal, and problem solving skills
    We will pursue quality management practices – value for money, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Patriotism We will be devoted to love, support, and defend our province and country at all times.
  • Accountability We shall account for all activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner.
  • Responsiveness - We shall respond with emotion to people and events.
  • Respect - We shall be polite and kind in delivering service to our people.
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